Valentines Day Gifts – Pro Finish Eyeshadow Palettes

Beauty bloggers have been loving our Pro Finish Eyeshadow Palettes on YouTube! We’re here to give you low down on why…

Now, everyone loves a good warm eyeshadow palette – especially when it contains 16 different shades!

We have a range within Technic called Technic Pro,that contains our Pro Finish Eyeshadow Palettes, Pro Finish Lipsticks and Pro Brush range. The range is designed to give your a professional finish without the hefty price tag! And these eyeshadow palettes have been a blogger favourite…

Choose from the Toffee Edition – 16 warm toned shades that suit every skin tone, all talc free with a mixture of mattes, satins and shimmers.

(Swatches of each row)


Pro Finish Raspberry Edition – 16 shades including warm and cool tones, and a range of unique berry shades…

Pssst – this one was also short listed for an award!

So now you’ve seen them both… which one do you love the most?

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