Prism Bae

If you’re a fan of Technic on social media, I’m sure you’re well aware of our new amazing Prism range. If not, then you have been missing out!

Prism is a brand new rainbow filled, unicorn-tastic range from Technic. Perfect for the babes that want to glow like a goddess.  The range includes Unicorn Horn Highlighter Sticks, magical Princess Powders, glowing Unicorn Creams, Galactic Glosses, Starry Eyes Eyeshadow Creams, a mer-babe Rainbow Highlighter and the jazziest croc like iridescent Makeup Bag to keep all of the beauties in!

The Prism range is designed for you to sparkle and glisten your way through every season. Its eye-catching, colourful product range is created with a special iridescent pigment, allowing you to glow all night long!

Here is a little more information on each product in the Prism range:


Available in 2 different bronze and blush toned shades: Flash and Supernova Sparkle, our Unicorn Horns Highlighter Sticks are perfect for giving you that subtle yet effective glitter sparkle.


Perfectly presented in a sleek black box, our Prism Princess Powders are available in 2 angelic light and 2 bronzed babe eye catching shades. The powders are baked, which means they have a creamy, velvety texture that lasts! Apply the powders with a wet brush for a more vibrant colour. Each powder creates a soft yet powerful glow that is perfect to highlight with!


Our Prism Unicorn Cream has incredible pigment so that you can glow the night away! They are available in 2 shades: Shine Bright and Starlight and each one has a gorgeous metallic finish. Our Unicorn Cream can be worn alone as the perfect highlight or under your foundation, helping your skin glow effortlessly.


Our high gloss Galactic Glosses are available in 3 different shades: Kiss My Sparkles, Ariel 4 Eric and Aurora. Their amazing pastel pigment gives off such space-babe vibes. They can be used alone of on top of another lip colour and come in a range of blue and purple tones.


Our new Prism baked Rainbow Highlighter is perfect to sparkle like a rainbow queen on a hazy summer day. Its incredible pigment is so powerful and gives you a real pastel rainbow effect. It is suitable to use on eyes and cheeks so you can be festival ready!


Say hello to Starry Eyes! Prism’s mega shimmer eyeshadow creams for party eyes that POP! They can be used alone or on top of eyeshadows. Available in 2 different shades: Celestial and Ethereal, you’ll definitely find a fave. It’s long lasting, hard wearing formulation will be sure to keep you sparkling all the way through the night.


Our Prism Makeup Bag is super cute, it’s iridescent, croc effect look will make all of your friends super jealous. There is no better way to store all of your precious Prism pieces!

So there we have the NEW Technic Prism family – which is ya fave?!