Wing on Fleek



Follow these short simple steps whilst using a product from the Technic range of Liquid Liners to master the perfect fleeky wing!


  • Starting from ¼ of the eyelid from the inner corner, draw a line slightly above the lash line and fill in the gap.


  • Continue down the lid and stop at the outer corner of the eye.


  • Moving back to the inner corner, slowly connect the two lines together so that it looks seemless. (You can thicken the look by applying more product on top of the original line).


  • For the wing, take the Liquid Liner and draw from the outer corner up towards the end of your brow tail. For a subtle wing, keep the line short. For a powerful wing, make the line longer.


  • Glide the pen from the top of the wing line so that it connects with the liner on your lash line.


And that’s your wing on fleek! Show us your Technic wing via social media:


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