The Timeless Smokey Eye

The smokey eye is a look that will never let you down. The gorgeous night time glam look is classy and timeless. And in this blog post, we show you how to nail it.




  • Firstly, prime your eyes with Technic’s Matte Eyeshadow Primer and leave to dry so that it has a tacky consistency. The primer is great for allowing your eye makeup to last longer.


  • Next, take a light / medium grey shade from our Eyeshadow Treasury 3 Palette and buff this into your eye crease with the blending side of the brush included. Taking the shade out to the tail of your eyebrow will make the look more dramatic.


  • Going back in with the same shade, apply this under your lash line, when the overall look is finished, this will accentuate your features.


  • Then, taking a dark grey shade, apply this to the outer corner of your eye crease and move inwards to intensify the look. Repeat this step under your lash line to dramatise the look.


  • Next, take a light cream shade and place this onto your lid with the flat edge side of the brush included.


  • Going in again with the dark grey shade, buff this with the lighter shade on your lid to create a flawless transition.


  • For a striking glam look, take the Technic Chunky Liquid Liner and create a wing, bringing the line parallel to the tail of your brow bone.


  • Next, for volume and definition, apply our Mega Lash Mascara. To take the look even further, add some lashes.


  • Finally, to highlight the look, take a light shimmer shade from the Eyeshadow Treasury 3 Palette and highlight the brow bone and inner corner of your eye.


And your super easy, eternally stylish smokey eye is complete! We’d love to see how yours turned out, show us on social media!


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