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I’m sure by now that you have heard about our amazing new range of self-tan products: Tan out of Ten. And if you haven’t, honestly where have you been?! Keep up to date with all things Technic on our social media channels linked below.

The Tan out of Ten self-tan range has a fast-drying, no-streak formula with added Coconut Oil and Vitamin E, which leaves a healthy looking radiant glow! It’s suitable for both your face and body and has a Papaya and Coconut scent that lasts on the skin – no nasty biscuit smells!

There are 5 products in the Tan out of Ten range so far:

  • Flash Bronze Mousse – This fast developing self-tan mousse is easily blendable and gives you a gorgeous deep instant than that develops fully in 4+ hours.
  • Self-Tan Lotion in Medium and Dark – This lotion gives your skin a silky, luxury feel and instant colour that you can see as you apply it. Apply 1 coat lightly for a sheerer tan, or a thicker coat for a darker colour. The Self-Tan Lotions can last up to 7 days and develop within 6 to 8 hours.
  • Instant Tan in Matte – An instant tanning gel, perfect for last minute plans or an even darker tan. It has gorgeous deep brown tones and a matte finish. The Instant Tan spreads easily and washes off with soap and water for when you’re finished partying!
  • Instant Tan in Shimmer – An instant tanning gel that adds a touch of sparkle to your skin. It has a lightweight formula that spreads easily for an overall sunkissed dewy glow. You can wash off easily with soap and water.


With all that to choose from, you’ll definitely find a favourite!


You can even follow the party else-where by following Tan out of Ten on Instagram: @tanoutof10.


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