Summer Dreaming

We’re counting down the days until Summer… and we know you are too! We’re here to give you the low down on how to perfect your faux tan all year round…

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The guide to the perfect tan…

EXFOLIATE – Make sure you give your skin a good clean and buff before you apply the tan, this will ensure a smooth and even application!

PREP – Find your favourite tan applicator, whether that is a mitt, gloves or a roller! Put a towel down on the floor and find some loose fitting clothing to put on afterwards…

MOISTURISE – Moisturise the places that tan to get the most dry, such as your hands, feet knees and elbows

APPLY – I always start from the legs upwards so by the time you’ve tanned your whole body, the legs are dry enough to put on your bottoms! Apply the lotion in circular movements to ensure you really rub it into the skin…

DEVELOP – ONCE YOU ARE TOUCH DRY you can get dressed into loose fitting clothing. I always find sleeping in your tan and washing it off in then morning in the most effective for a deeper tan and not needing to disturb it (e.g. washing hands, wearing tight clothing).

WASH OFF – After 6-8 hours you can wash off your tan in the shower. Rinse off the guide colour and you’re ready to go! We recommend using a lightweight body wash or soap without exfoliate in it.

MOISTURISE AGAIN – I find moisturising your body everyday after a shower helps to keep your tan even and fade naturally over time.

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