Shade Adjust Collection

Have you seen these beauties over on our social media channels? We all know the struggles of finding the perfect foundation! We also know that our skin changes a lot – sometimes it’s more oil prone, sometimes we have a tan, sometimes we have a summer foundation that we want to wear in the winter! Whatever your need, our Shade Adjust Drops are top of our ‘What’s Trending’ list this week!

Here’s why we love them…

YOU HAVE ENDLESS OPTIONS – Want to add warmth AND highlight to your foundation… no problem! You can customise your foundation AND our drops by combining them together, mixing them with your current makeup or even using them alone.

  • Our Highlight drops were seen all over Instagram and YouTube being used under the foundation as a radiant primer, over the top of foundation as a liquid highlighter and on the chest, collarbones and shoulders as a body highlighter!
  • You can use the Dark Shade Adjust to  bronze and contour the face with!

THEY COULD SAVE YOUR MAKEUP – Need to use up those foundations you bought over summer? Add 1-3 drops of our Light Shade Adjust into them and there you go… no need to waste!

A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY – You only need between 1-3 drops per use as they have srong colour pigments!

SUPER VALUE FOR MONEY – No only will you be saving that makeup you couldn’t wear before, the size of each bottle is 34ml!


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