The Products You Need for 2018

We’re coming to the end of 2017… We’d had some amazing product launches this year, the best support from you guys over on our social media channels, and we can’t wait to start the new year! So here we have the top products you need to give the best head start into 2018!

It doesn’t matter what the season, our Tan Out Of Ten range will have your skin looking and feeling fresh from holiday! From Instant tans to Lotions to our Fast Developing Bronzing Mousse, we have a product in the range to suit all your tanning needs. Check out our last post to find out what tan would suit you best!
Get Gorgeous Highlighters – everyone’s favourite highlighters! All 5 shades are formulated to leave your skin looking fresh and glowing with a hint of colour. Choose from 24k Gold, Peach Candy, Bronze, Original and Pink Sparkle.



We’re giving you the top trends for 2018. This Colour Wave Palette in ‘Fairy Tale’ palette will be your ‘Go To’ this Spring/Summer for highlighter, eyes and on top of your lipsticks! These baked powders are safe to use on all areas of the face and body to give your skin a colour boost for any occasion…

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No matter what your New Years Resolutions are this year, this set will have you covered. Our Shade Adjust Highlighter Drops will bring life back to your skin whatever the weather. Just at 1-3 drops into your foundation for a boost of radiance.
Our Pro Finish Lipstick in Cheerio Romeo will give your lips the perfect rosy colour, with a long lasting matte finish. This shade is designed to be your staple lipstick that will go with any look, day or night.
Finally our Hi Gloss lip gloss in the shade Kiss And Tell, will give your lips hydration and a fully opaque colour without the sticky feeling!

These products will be your staples for 2018! Tag us in your Technic makeups on our social media platforms;

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What are your favourite Technic products?