Pro Eyeshadow Look

We’re giving you the low down on how to get this beautiful but quick warm smokey eye!

Here’s exactly what you’ll need to get the look;


Pro Finish Eyeshadow Palette – Toffee Edition

Matte Eyeshadow Primer

Lashitude Mascara 

Ultimate Brow Kit


Pro Eyeshadow Blending Brush

Double ended Smokey Eyes Brush

How to;

  1. First create the perfect base for your eye look by using our Matte Eyeshadow Primer. Ally the primer all over the lid and blend into the skin. Blend the product upwards towards the brow and outwards for a seamless, even coverage
  2. One your eyes are primed, it’s time to create the look. Using our Pro Finish Eyeshadow Palette – Toffee Edition and our Pro Blending Brush, take the shade #3 and lightly apply the shadow into the outer corners of the eyes, into and slightly above the crease of the eye.  Using ‘windscreenwiper’ motions, apply small amounts of products at a time and blend, building up the colour gradually. This shade will be out #transition’ shade that blends all the colours together.
  3. Once the first shade is applied, take the shade #11 on the same blending brush. Apply this shade directly into the crease of the eye – slightly lower than the first shade and blend. Again, applying small amounts at a time to build up the colour
  4. Next, to add more depth to the eye look, we will take the shade #4 with the same brush and apply this colour on the outer third of the eyelid and lightly into the crease.
  5. To bring all the eyeshadows together, take our Double Ended Smokey Eye Brush and apply the same three shades #3 #11 #4 and lightly apply them underneath the bottom lashes at the outer corner. This will tie the top and the bottom of the eye together.
  6. The brighten the corners of the eye, take the shade #12 and press onto the lid. This will give your eyes a bright look and make the colours of the eyeshadow pop!
  7. To create a soft lining to the eye look, using the other side of the Smokey Eye Brush (the angled brush), take the shade #7 and apply it as close to the lash liner a possible. This technique is really good for making your lashes look thicker and an easier way of creating a liner look!
  8. Finally add two layers of our Lashitude Mascara to give your lashes definition and length
  9. For a soft brow look, use our Ultimate Brow Kit to create a soft shading to the brows. Using the angle brush that comes with the Brow Kit, apply small amounts of the powders into the eyebrows in upwards motions. This will create a hair like shapes, giving them a softer appearance!
  10. An extra tip to lock you makeup look in place is by using our Setting Spray – keeping your look in place all night long!

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