Presenting: Technic Matte Mineral Foundation

You asked for them and here they are! We understand the struggle of trying to find your shade online so here we have swatches of all 12 of our Matte Mineral Foundation shades.

Our Matte Mineral Foundation foundation was designed to give you flawless, full coverage skin with a velvet matte finish. Enriched with minerals and hypoallergenic, its formula is suitable for all skin types… not to mention all skin tones!






  • Prep the skin with our Primer Spray, hold the bottle 15-20cm away from your face and lightly spritz over clean skin. Allow to dry naturally before applying your makeup.
  • Apply a light layer of our Strobe FX Cream in your preferred shade all over the face to give your skin a radiance boost.
  • For a full coverage application, apply the Matte Mineral Foundation with the Technic Foundation Brush, starting from the centre of the face brushing outwards. Blend into the skin until you achieve your desired coverage.
  • Dampen our Foundation Blending Sponge and lightly bounce onto the skin to even out the foundation, blending in any lines or excess product
  • Apply your concealer over the top, directly onto any blemishes and under the eyes to brighten up the area.
  • To lock your foundation in place, take the same damp Foundation Blending Sponge and dip it into the Soft Focus Transparent Loose Powder. You can use either the loose Soft Focus Transparent Loose Powder or the Superfine Translucent Pressed Powder depending on your own personal preference.
  • Using the same bouncing motion, press the powder into the skin. This will blur any imperfections, hold your foundation in place and give your skin an airbrushed effect.
  • Add bronzer, highlighter and blusher to create depth and dimension to the skin, finishing off with our Setting Spray.