Metallic Red Lip Tutorial!

Today we’re giving you the low down on how to achieve this simple, quick glam look that’s perfect for the festive season!

Dampen your beauty sponge with water and squeeze out the excess – always try and do this before you start so you don’t have to get up again!


Hold the primer spray 15-20cm away from the face and spritz evenly over the skin. This step will prep your skin for makeup, helping it to last longer and to apply more evenly

Apply a pea sized amount of our Strobe FX Cream all over the face to give your skin a radiant glow.

For foundation and concealer, use our Foundation Stix. In the shade matching the colour of your neck, apply the foundation directly from the stick to the face in strokes, over the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin.

Using the dampened beauty sponge, use bouncing motions to blend the foundation into the skin. One of the best things about using these Foundation Stix is that you can easily build them to your desired coverage without them feeling heavy on the skin!

Going in again with a lighter shade in the Foundation Stix, apply the stick under the eyes up to the sides of your cheekbones to create a brightened effect and blend with your beauty sponge.

To secure your base into place and give it an airbrushed effect, dip your dampened beauty sponge into the Soft Focus loose powder and press it into the skin. This will keep your base looking matte and flawless all night!

Now we are going to use the Bronzing palette to give some dimension to the face. Using a light hand, take your Technic Slanted Blusher Brush and dust the brush into the palette, picking your favourite matte shades (bottom row, second colour along is a very popular shade). Apply under the cheek bones and around the sides of your hairline in a curved C motion.

Now it’s time for highlighting! Using your ring finger, select a cream shade from our Strobe Kit and warm the product up. Lightly tap the cream shade on the tops of your cheekbones, down the center of the nose and under the eyebrows. To intensity the highlight, use our Pro Fan Brush and apply one of the powdered highlight shades over the top for an extra glow!

To add some warmth to the cheek, apply the top right hand colour from the Bronzing Palette and brush this colour lightly from the apples of your cheeks up towards your hairline.


Add some simple shading to your eyes with our Pro Finish Eyeshadow Palette in Toffee Edition. Using our Pro Blending Brush, apply shade #2 into the crease of the eye in a windscreen wiper motion. You can apply a deeper shade from the palette to the crease and under your lower lashes line a subtle smokey effect (e.g. #11).

Apply a couple of layers of our Mega Lash Mascara to add volume and length to your lashes.

You can also add some wispy lashes to this look if you desire!


Taking our lip liner, make sure it is sharp for a more precise liner. Start from the outer corner of your top lip, following your natural lip line and curve it up towards your cupids bow to create a fuller, rounded effect. Do this again on the other side, meeting in the center. Line your bottom lip too, again starting from the outer corners down towards the center of your bottom lip.

Apply a layer of our Pro Finish Lipstick in Heartache to give your lips an bold red colour.

And for the main event of the look! Apply a layer of our Metallic Lipgloss in Aphrodite!

The Technic products you will need;


Primer Spray 

Strobe FX Cream

Foundation Stix

Soft Focus Powder

Bronzing Palette

Strobe Kit


Pro Finish Toffee Edition Eyeshadow Palette
Mega Lash Mascara
Strobe Kit
Brow Kit 


Lip Liner

Pro Finish Lipstick – Heartache

Metallic Lip Gloss – Aphrodite


Technic Pro Blending Brush

Technic Slanted Blusher Brush

Technic Beauty Sponge

Technic Pro Fan Brush

Technic Double Brush

Ta-Dah! You have your completed look! Tag us in your Metallic Red Lip look #TechnicCosmetics

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