Glow Up

Glow away your January blues with our simple ‘Glow Up’ strobing tutorial, to give your skin some serious radiance! This simple technique will have your makeup looking fresh, on trend and #instagramable!

What you’ll need;

Strobe FX Cream

Colour Fix Powder Highlighting Palette

Beauty Sponge 

Fan Brush

Step 1; Use our Stroke FX Cream as a radiant primer under your foundation. This will add a subtle glow to your skin whilst keeping it hydrated and looking smooth.

Step 2; After finishing your foundation, concealer, bronzer etc, take a pea sized amount of our the Stroke FX cream on the back of your hand. Warming the product up, using your finger, lightly tap the product onto the high points of the face – the cheekbones, brow bones, cupids bow and down the center of the nose.

Step 3; Taking your dampened Beauty Sponge, slightly tap the Strobe FX Cream into the skin, leaving a soft seamless blend.

Step 4; This step is optional and there are many products you can use on top such as our Get Gorgeous Highlighter, Colour Fix highlighter Palettes, Strobe Kits, Prism Rainbow Highlighter… It’s up to you what powder highlighter you want to you! We recommend the Colour Fix Powder Highlighting Palette as you can mix and match all the shade to create your own custom look!

Using our small Fan Brush, drip the brush into the highlighting powder and dust over where you applied the Strobe FX Cream. This will not only set the cream highlight, but it will amplify the powder highlighter too!

Step 5; Add some powder highlighter onto the inner corners of your eyes, this will help brighten the skin and make the eyes pop!

And you are done! All glowing, and ready for anything!

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