Get Perfectly Defined Brows with: BrowMazing

Introducing the brand new Technic BrowMazing eyebrow gel. It has a long lasting “life proof” formulation for perfect, shapely brows. The BrowMazing is available in both Medium Brown and Black/Brown shades to suit your brow colour!



  • Technic BrowMazing Eyebrow Gel


Follow these simple steps to get perfectly defined brows with BrowMazing.


  • Firstly, take the brow spoolie included in the BrowMazing pack and brush through your brows in the direction of growth. This evens out the hairs.


  • Then, start in the middle of the bottom portion of you brow and run a thin line across the edge of the brow until you reach the tail end.


  • Repeat this step with the top portion of the brow – starting in the middle and then connect it with the bottom line at the tail end.


  • Start to fill in the rest of the brow by blending the product upwards from the bottom line.


  • Run the spoolie through the middle section and end of your brows to disperse the product evenly and fill in any gaps.


  • Start to blend towards the beginning of your brow with little product on the BrowMazing brush. This helps the brow appear to have a natural look.


  • With the spoolie, feather the product at the beginning of the brow into the rest of the brow and repeat – this will build up a natural transition effect.


Your brows should be perfectly defined and slaying!


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