Get the perfect Ombre Lip



  • Technic Ombre Lip Pencil


The Ombre Lip Trend has been taking Instagram by storm recently. Ombre lips are where two or more lip shades are blended so that they fade into one another. Usually, the lip colour is darker around the edges and fades into light in the middle.

So how do we create an ombre lip? Technic have a brand new release of Ombre Lip Pencils to make the process incredibly easy!

  • Firstly, taking your preferred Ombre Lip pencil, apply the lighter shade all over your top and bottom lip.
  • Then using the darker shade, outline your lips.
  • Still with the darker shade, start shading the outer line of your lips and the edges towards the centre (leave the middle of your top and bottom lip).
  • Blend the two shades together by pressing your lips against each other.


And there you have it! A quick and simple ombre lip look using the brand new Technic Ombre Lip Pencils.


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