Fierce Smokey Winged Liner

Up your makeup looks with this simple step by step buy to getting this pierce, smokey winged liner. Perfect for making a bold statement or mixing up the a classic look!

What you’ll need;

Technic Skinny Liner 

Mega Lash Mascara

Technic Eyeshadow 6’s Matte Smokey

Pro Eyeshadow Brush

Smokey Eyes Brush

Step 1; Create your wing shape. Using our super precise Skinny Liner pen, start by drawing a liner across the band of your top lashes from the inner corner of your eye right across to the outer edge of the eye. This doesn’t have to be really neat as we will be smoking it out later, but get as close to your lashes as possible.

Step 2; Creating the wing! The best way to get even wings is looking straight forward into a mirror. This way you can point the wing at the perfect place so you can see it when your eyes are open! Following up from your water line, mark out a dot on either side. This will be a guideline for your wings – this way you can also check if they look even.

Step 3; Taking the liner, create a flick doing down from the dot towards your lashes, creating a point on either side. Again, this doesn’t have to be really precise and can be as thick or thin as you like!

Step 4; Using your Pro Eyeshadow Brush and your Matte Smokey Eyeshadow palette. Lightly apply the two lightest grey shades into the crease of your eye, this will tie the whole look together and give a gradient of colour to the eye.

Step 5; Going in again with the same Pro Eyeshadow Brush, apply the black matte shade from the eyeshadow palette over the top of your winged liner. We are going to add more colour on top of this so don’t worry if it doesn’t look perfect straight away!

Step 6; Taking the eyeshadow brush side of the Smokey Eyes Brush and the matte black eye shadow again, using pressing motions, apply the black eyeshadow over the top of the liner, following the shape of the wing. You can build this colour up to your desired look.

Step 7; With the Pro Eyeshadow brush again, we are going to lightly blend the edge of the eye where the wing finishes, this will get a softer appearance to the look.

Step 8; Apply the darkest grey shade from the Matte Smokey eyes palette under your lower lashes, keeping it just on the outer corner and joining up to your flick. This brush is perfect for creating an intense smokey look.

Step 9; Using our Mega Lash Mascara, apply two coats of mascara on either eye to create big, voluminous lashes!

You’re ready to rock, with your super fierce, smokey winged liner!

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