Disguise Under-Eye Circles with Technic



Disguise those pesky under eye circles with Technic! The following simple steps will give you radiant looking under eyes.


  • Firstly, prep your under eye area with the Technic Colour Fix Correcting Primer in Purple and smooth it into your skin. The purple colour combats the look of dull skin.


  • Next, take the Technic Full Coverage Colour Corrector in purple and pat under your eyes lightly with the Technic Foundation Sponge. This minimises the yellow undertones in your skin.


  • Apply the Technic Matte Mineral Foundation with only a thin layer on your under eyes.


  • Next, use a lighter shade than your foundation in the Technic Concealer of your choice and blend underneath your eye evenly with the Technic Foundation Sponge.


  • Finally to set the product, take the Technic Superfine Translucent Pressed Powder or Soft Focus Transparent Loose Powder and pat lightly with the Technic Pro Face Brush.


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