Bronzed Winter Glow

It’s time to embrace that winter glow! Get a gorgeous bronzed look with Technic. Read on to find out more:







  • Firstly, prep your face with the Technic Primer Spray. Simply spritz onto face with 15cm – 20cm apart. This creates a smooth, even base for flawless makeup application.


  • Next, taking your shade in our Matte Mineral Foundation and a drop of our Strobe FX Cream, mix the two together well and apply to your face with the Technic Pro Finish Stippling Brush to add a warm, healthy glow to your face.


  • It’s time to contour! Taking a deeper shade in the cream Foundation Stix, apply below your cheek bones, your jawline and the top of your forehead. Blend this out with the new Technic Pro Finish Flat Edge Brush.


  • Next, to lighten the high points of your face and complete your contoured look, take a lighter shade from the Foundation Stix range and place below your eyes, forehead and the bridge of your nose. Blend this out with the Technic Pro Stippling Brush.


  • Set your cream base by applying the Superfine Translucent Pressed Powder. The pressed powder is finely milled to minimise the look of fine lines, pores and imperfections.


  • Now let’s bronze up! Mix and match the matte and shimmer shades in our Colour Fix Bronze Palette to create your own unique colour. Apply to your cheek bones, forehead and neck to create a super bronzed goddess look.


  • Moving onto HIGHLIGHT! Using our Get Gorgeous Highlighter in the shade 24ct Gold and our new Pro Large Fan Brush, highlight your cheek bones and bridge of nose. Remember, this is a “Bronze Glow” look, so go as crazy as you feel!


  • Now, onto fleeky brows! Take the spooly from our amazing new BrowMazing Eyebrow Gel packet and comb through your brows to neaten them up.


  • Next, taking a minimal amount from the eyebrow gel brush, start from the tail and work into the body of the brow, brushing through with the spooly to create perfect, shapely brows. Repeat this step for a more intense look!


  • We’re moving onto the eyes! Prep your eye lid with the Technic Matte Eyeshadow Primer.


  • Taking our new Pro Finish Palette in the Toffee Edition, take the soft-headed side of the brush and blend shade #05 into the crease of your eye, starting with the outer corner and moving your way into the inner corner. This shade will act as the base for your transition colour.


  • Next, taking shade #04, deepen the crease by repeating the first step, applying to the outer corner of your eye crease and moving into the inner corner to warm up your transition shade.


  • To intensify your eye look, take the same #04 shade and place underneath your lash line.


  • Then, to add a bronze shimmer and complete your look, take shade #08 with the flat-headed side of the brush and pat onto the centre of your lid, blending into the transition shade with the soft-headed side.


  • The final step for eyeshadow, take shade #12 on the flat-headed side of your brush and highlight your brow bone.


  • It’s time for a fleeky wing! Using the Chunky Liquid Liner, draw your wing line parallel to your eyebrow tail. Learn more on this step here.


  • Define and volumise your lashes with the Technic Mega Lash Mascara! It’s ultra-black and hard-wearing for long lasting, intense natural eyelashes.



  • It’s time THE final step… To compliment your bronze dewy glow, take our new Hi-Gloss Lipgloss in your preferred shade (we’re loving Mars for a winter vibe!) and place all over your lips.


And that is the end of your Bronze Winter Glow tutorial with Technic! Let us know how you got on:

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