Bronzed Goddess

This Winter seems to be lasting forever! BUT don’t worry – our Bronzing Oil is the perfect treat to give your skin a holiday! That’s why it’s one of our most loved products here at HQ, and why it’s up there on our trending list. Here are a few reasons why we love it…

IT’S SUPER MOISTURISING – Infused with avocado oil, not only will be bronze your skin but it will keep your skin looking and feeling hydrated. Avocado oil is popular within peoples skin care routine as it helps soothe, smooth and hydrate the skin. So not only will you look good but you’ll be giving your skin a hydration boost too!

IT AIRBRUSHES THE SKIN – As you can see, the oil included shimmer pigments that will reflect the light, giving your skin a flawless finish!

IT WASHES OFF WHEN YOU NEED IT TO – No more waiting for your fake tan to fade over the ! This product is perfect for a temporary glam fix that will easily wash off in the shower!

IT SMELLS LIKE HOLIDAYS – Unlike some fake tans, this beauty has a tropical scent that will last on the skin! #NoMoreBuscuitSmell

Check out our top it’s of how to apply it…

SHAKE IT, SH-SHAKE IT – Make sure you give it a good shake before you apply it so you’re getting the full shimmer!

GIVE IT TIME TO WORK IT’S MAGIC – Once you’ve applied the bronzing oil, we recommend waiting until your skin feels touch dry before you get dressed!

AND THAT’S IT! Tell us why you love our Bronzing Oil…

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