Summer Skin

It’s officially bank holiday weekend! And we’re all dreaming of having glowing summer skin… We’re giving you the low down on how to achieve the look in three simple steps;



Tan Out Of 10 

After prepping the skin, choose your perfect base…

  • Fast Developing Bronzing Mousse – Dark Golden Tan
  • Self Tan Lotion Dark – Deep Dark Tan
  • Self Tan Lotion Medium – Medium Golden Tan

Once you’ve chosen your base tan, prep and apply the night before your ‘big night/day out’. See previous post of the perfect tan application and prep HERE…



Choose your topper

  • Bronzing Body Oil – Infused with avocado oil will leave your skin looking glowing, fresh and shimmery with reflects of finely milled glitter
  • Shimmer Instant Tan – If you prefer the feel of a lotion on your skin, our instant tans contain Vitamin E and coconut oil for a soft, lightweight feel on the skin, reflecting shimmer on the skin!

Apply one if these two the night of your event to add an extra glow and sparkle!



This step is completely up to you, but it will give you an extra glow and an airbrushes effect on the skin… Do this final step once you are dress and ready to glow!

  • Using a brush (fan brush or powder brush), apply the powder highlighter to your collarbones, shoulders, down your legs and on the chest





Here’s some inspo from our girl! How amazing does @xholmae looking wearing our Tan Out Of 10 Fast Bronzing Mousse and Shimmer Instant tan! Follow her for all the #outfitinspo #taninspo and #makeupinspo!


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