Technic’s Halloween Treats!

Everyone knows Halloween is the biggest opportunity for an Instagram photoshoot. Here at Technic we’ve got everything you need to get fright night off to a good start!




The Purrrfect Classic Feline

By far one of the most popular Halloween looks! It’s fun, cute and super easy to do.


This look is all about smooth lines, so dark dramatic brows are a must for a fancy feline. Use Technic’s Ultimate Brow Kit to get that perfect arch and thick line that will frame your face and set up the look.

  • To get a striking cat eye you need to get that flick on fleek with Technic’s Skinny Liquid Liner and Black Glitter Liner, perfect for this sleek Halloween look.
  • To get the purrrfect cat eye draw out your winged liner like normal and then mirror the wing on the inner corner of your eye coming down through your teardrop, you’ll get a perfect crisp line and the added sparkles takes things to a whole new level! Don’t forget to use our Get Gorgeous Highlighter just under your brow and on the inner corner of your eye to make them stand out!
  • Finish off by grabbing our Matte Black Lipstick. To get the ultimate kitty cat pout, fill in your top lip then join it to your nose with a thin black line. Leave your bottom lip nude or a bright pink if you want a pop of colour. Then draw on your whiskers and you’re set!


All you need now are some cat ears teamed with the perfect LBD and you are ready to spook!


Zombie Babe

 Dark circles and harsh cheekbones are what make this look spook-tacular! You’ll need a lot of black eyeshadow for this one!

Taking the three darker shades of the Black Magic Eyeshadow Palette, you can create a smokey eye effect:

  • Using the lightest grey shade as your base; cover your lid – blending through your crease and up towards your eyebrow.
  • With the Technic Pro Blending Brush, take the second darkest grey to blend into the crease of your eye.
  • Finally, taking the Technic Slanted Eyeshadow Brush, smudge the black shadow along your lash line. Remember, the more over the top the better!

If you want to step it up a notch blend in some of the red shade from the Black Magic Eyeshadow Palette into the crease, giving you a deep spooky glare! Make sure to blend some of the black and red eyeshadow under the bottom lash line to give you statement dark circles!

To get that chiseled Zombie look, replace your regular contour palette for the Halloween Face Paint palette. Take a bit of the black on your Technic Pro Sculpting Brush and blend it out just under your cheekbone.

You can use the white from the same palette to highlight above and below your cheekbone to give it that edge.

Team this up with a ripped-up shirt and some fake blood to go all in for that Halloween bash!


Half – Skull Vibes

Prove that you’re a Halloween pro by bossing this fatally beautiful look!


  • Taking the White Technic Face Paint Cream, cover the bottom half of your face, creating a curved line under each eye – going from the top of your ear and meeting at the mid-point of your nose. Create a thick layer like you would with normal foundation but also make sure your lips are completely white, this is your base.
  • Then taking the Technic Face Palette and a Technic Pro Sculpting Brush, use the black to contour just below your cheekbone. The aim is to make it as harsh as possible so only blend down into your cheek, leaving the top line sharp.
  • Follow the black line through towards your mouth making sure not to creep onto your jawline. Then taking a Technic Concealer Brush, draw some vertical lines over both lips and join together with one horizontal line that is connected to your contour.
  • On the top half of your face, apply your usual make-up routine, perhaps a shimmery smokey eye with the Technic Eyeshadow Treasury 3. Make sure your foundation and the White Face Cream meet.
  • To finish off the look, take the Technic Pro Concealer Brush and the Black Face Paint from the Technic Face Palette and line the top of your skull; where your White Face Cream meets your foundation. Fill in the end of your nose and you’re ready to scare! 

    Team it up with a pretty white dress and super sleek hair to get that skeleton vibe.


Which was your favourite look for your Halloween celebrations? Show us your scariest moments:


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